Gimme Shelter (2013)- Review

I’m glad I took the time to watch this movie about a young girl in a desperate situation. Vanessa Hudgens really is like you’ve never seen her before, proving how good of an actor she really is. Its rather difficult to get a perspective of Vanessa Hudgens as an actor when you watched her when you were a child in such films as Thunderbirds and the High School Musical series. At the same time I’m not saying I’ve kept that perspective of her acting, just that I’m reminded of how much a talent she actually is and what she is capable of when it comes to acting.  Vanessa’s portrayal of Apple was certainly the highlight of the film for me. The vulnerability and desperation seen with Apple just made me root for her even more as the film went on. I even felt incredibly gutted Apple never seemed to catch a break. Another highlight would have to be the relationship between Apple and her father Tom (Brendan Fraser).

I feel that this film doesn’t get enough hype. Its messages are incredibly inspirational and remind you what film making is all about: to tell stories. To tell real stories about real people, to share them with the world and those willing to listen.  I felt such a happiness to see the change in Apple and how anyone can change their lives if they really want to.