Perfect Sisters (2014) – Review

Based on a true story, Perfect Sisters tells the story of two teenage daughters who have been pushed to their limits. With an alcoholic Mother and her constant abusive boyfriends, the two girls grow tired of their lives and decide to kill their Mother.

Highlights of the film would have to be the two sisters and protagonists, Sandra and Beth Anderson, played by Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley. Henley dons a perfect American accent, embodying the role of Beth and making it her own, putting Lucy Pevensie behind her and showing that as she grows up, so does her acting. Henley subtly portrays the ever present ‘younger sister’ relationship with her older sister but does not cover up the extremity of their close bond. Vulnerability and broken children shy under both the sisters’ confidence throughout the film. Breslin’s character at the same time must deal with the pressure of keeping their family together and though in spite of caking on the make-up, short shirts and blue streaks, the strain is ever present on her young face.

Overall I would have to give this film 3/5. Breslin and Henley were the main reasons I felt the need to watch this film and the main attraction which held me throughout it. If you’re into real and raw films that do not shy away from the truth, then I suggest giving this film a watch. Saying this, be warned, the cinematography in nothing special and their are no special affects but I feel this can be seen to the film’s advantage by allowing the audience to focus on the characters and its story.