Divergent (2014) – Review

Set in a society where people are divided into factions, Tris Prior begins to question where she truly belongs. At the age of 16, Tris must take the Aptitude test to determine her true nature and which faction would best be suited to her out of the five. Those being Erudite (the intelligent), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest) or Abnegation (the selfless).

Divergent is a fairly enjoyable film. In terms of the storyline, I knew I was in for an often cliche, young adult action, shaped around a rebellious heroine (and of course the government are the bad guys too). At the same time I can’t help but love these movies. Whether that means I’m a sucker for a young romance, love the determination and strive of woman who can kick ass or admire those fighting for what they believe in, the action / thriller genre tends to keep me going back to the cinemas.

In spite of having a clear protagonist, Tris Prior didn’t stand out for me which I think is due to actress Shailene Woodley. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen numerous films of hers and I think is the reason that Tris doesn’t stand out for me – it was just another role for her. We’ve all seen her in The Fault In Our Stars and have been inspired by her performance, Divergent just didn’t cut it in that sense. Saying that, as said earlier, female heroines are rather the ‘in’ thing these days so it would be hard to stand out against the others and provide a fresh approach to a 16 year old girl fighting in a dystopian society.