The Giver (2014) – Review

Promoted as a “young adult” film, rated M for mature, The Giver exceeds expectations in areas you would not think. As I left the cinema I felt enlightened and inspired, perhaps even appreciative of the world and it’s little details that we take for granted. Like the sweet smell of honey, the warmth of  touch or the orange and yellow flowers in the garden. The Giver takes all of this away.

Throughout the story, Jonas, the film’s protagonist, gains insight into the world that is now lost to society. As a Receiver, Jonas is given the memories of those who lived before him, good and bad, happy or sad. We too see and feel as though we are on the journey with him. For example, when Jonas see the beauty of colour for the first time, our black and white film reveals the red objects scattered around the room or when Jonas notices Fiona’s auburn hair. The montage of “precious” moments that flash in Jonas’ mind, reveal the happiness of the past and also the horrors.

The only downfall for me would have to be the cliche young romance. Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want that but at the same time we have seen it before. I understand the film’s need to express the exploration of “love” as one of Jonas’ new found traits, but I also felt it was enough to explore the “love” between Jonas and baby Gabe or The Giver and Jonas.