Byzantium (2012) – Review

What attracted me to this film were two things, seeing Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton act together and the director Neil Jordan, also the director of the 1994 film Interview With the Vampire.

I know what you’re thinking, argh another vampire movie? Unfortunately for the vampire genre, those particular films, of which we’re all seen, have created a rather bad reputation for the vampire genre. Saying this, I feel that people need to force themselves to watch another vampire movie other than Twilight! Byzantium maintains traditional elements of the popular thriller / horror genre, not holding back the grittiness, gore, vulnerability and struggle of the two leading ladies Clara and Eleanor.

Unfortunately for the film’s producers, their promotion for the film does not gain them top marks or the film any justice. As I scroll through Google images in an attempt to find the film’s movie poster, I can’t help but notice how misleading the promotional images are. They couldn’t of gotten anymore cliche for a vampire movie e.g. blood, risque lingerie and the night, of which I didn’t think was incredibly necessary for what the film had on offer anyway. After seeing the film, none of those moments mattered. Obviously those moments were there but you barely even noticed them. The interesting thing about the film was that it focused more on the mother/daughter relationship, not the fact that they are vampires. To tell you the truth if you made them ‘mortal’, the only thing that would make a difference would be the fact that they wouldn’t have lived for the past 200 years, altering the story line a tad.