If I Stay (2014) – Review

If I Stay is based around the protagonist Mia who is struggling to choose between her musical career or her boyfriend (yes it is that cliche). To make matters worse, Mia and her family are in a car accident so Mia finds herself trapped between life and death. She must choose between the two.

My lovely friend Shayla, of whom I went with, pointed out the often “cliche-ness” of the film’s story line and characters – of which I couldn’t agree with more. The love story, its complications and the one liners had been heard and used before.

At the same time you couldn’t help but feel for Mia’s other friends and family, longing for her to be okay. To be honest, you’d have to be pretty emotionless not to feel sad when Mia’s grandfather says she can “go if she wants to” or relate to the grief as Mia finds out one by one that her family members have passed away. Saying that, I think you’d have to have your DVD collection fairly jammed with romance DVDs in order to want to add this DVD to your collection. The actors work with what they’re given but unfortunately that isn’t much. I feel this movie could have been a lot better if the characters had more ‘layers’ and ‘complexity’. I couldn’t help but notice Adam, the boyfriend’s, lack of detail a part from being Mia’s boyfriend e.g. where does he live? Who are his parents? Does he have any parents etc?