Minions (2015) – Review

Minions is an entertaining stand alone film. Starring Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the three minions embark on their mission to find a new ‘boss’. After travelling far and wide, the three minions discover the ever so popular Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and decide that she is the one for them.

The hilarity of the minions found in both Despicable Me movies is not dimmed in any way in this prequel. Greeted with their familiar banter and often inaudible yet amusing dialogue, Minions is one of those films that will allow you to get away from everyday chaos. Because of this, Minions is a film made for entertainment so don’t expect any profound or mind blowing theme to take away from it.

In spite of this, I enjoyed seeing the minions as the main characters rather than the supporting characters and felt as though this film gave the characters the opportunity to step out of the shadows from the previous two films.