A Royal Night Out (2015) – Review

Based loosely off true events, A Royal Night Out tells the apparent story of real life Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret who spend the night out on the town for V.E day after WW2.

A sweet and charming film, A Royal Night Out sets the scene for the exciting and triumphant celebration of V.E Day. Like most teenagers, Elizabeth and Margaret feel the pang of isolation in the castle walls so they manage to convince their parents to let them out into the town – not without a proper escort though. This, of course, will not do and the sisters end up getting separated from their chaperons and each other.

Because of the circumstances, the entire film’s narrative follows Elizabeth going from destination to destination to find her sister which became a tad repetitive and frustrating. Every time Elizabeth would get close enough to her sister she’d run off again. In spite of the odd scandalous destination or men who wanted to dance or drink with the ladies, I found myself questioning how much of the ‘story’ was actually true or not.

Saying this, the highlight of the film would have to be the mise-en-scene or more simply put the costume, setting, props and design. I want to give literal props to the department for capturing the essence and warmth of the era and joy of V.E Day.