“Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard (2015) Review

It had been quite awhile since I’d read a good book, and I mean quite awhile. In recent times my love for books had just drizzled away. Maybe it was the lack of time, inspiration or just a good story, I’m really not sure. Luckily for me, I discovered Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and soon was reminded of the joy and essence of literature.

In Red Queen, “The world is divided by blood – red or silver” and is told from the first person perspective of Mare Barrow. Mare is a Red but soon finds herself thrown into the world of Silvers. With drama, action and science fiction elements, I couldn’t put the book down. Yes, I may be a tad biased since Aveyard covers every genre that I love but the world Aveyard created truly is a mesmerizing one.

Red Queen is approximately 383 pages long and is written to be followed by its sequel Glass Sword and other future titles. Because of this, the story and characters had to be good enough to stay with us for the long run. I can conclude that Red Queen most certainly meets these expectations.

Filled with rich characters and a compelling story, Mare and I soon became one. Having just finished the story, I care for Mare as I would Katniss, Tris or Harry, maybe even more. Glass Sword sits on my bed right now, newly purchased and ready to continue Mare’s story. I eagerly await to see where it takes Mare and I.

On a final note, I do want to commend Aveyard for her plot twists. It takes a skill to master plot twists without making them cheesy or obvious. In Red Queen, I felt an inkling of betrayal coming but never would have guessed it happened the way it did!