Captain America Civil War (2016) Review

Captain America Civil War is proof that even after eight years (Iron Man 2008), The Avengers franchise is still going strong.

Captain America Civil War is the third installment in the Captain America franchise, though with the amount of cameos and crossovers in over ten Marvel films they tend to blend together. In spite of this, Civil War is a story for its protagonist Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). By this point, Steve is well adjusted to the modern world and comfortable leading the Avengers team, his only real problem is his old pal Bucky aka the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) who is still lead astray in Civil War and ultimately becomes the catalyst in the lead up to the films clashing sides.

Without giving away too much, Steve finds himself at the centre with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) on one side and Bucky on the other. Marketing and promotion for the film encouraged it’s fans to choose a team, #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. Before seeing the film I couldn’t choose and even after the film I still can’t choose. I hold a great admiration for each individual character and respect each of their perks and flaws. Conflict of course causes relationships to shift, crack and break making for some epic action sequences that were both beautifully and uniquely choreographed. It also allowed new characters to be introduced or, as they were known to the teams, their ‘secret weapons’. Ant Man was recruited to Captain America’s side whilst Spiderman was recruited to join Team Iron Man. Tony and Peter’s (Spiderman’s) relationship is already blossoming into one to watch and I’m hoping we get to somehow see a little bit more of this in any future films.

The narrative and story focuses heavily on Captain America since his name is in the title but other characters have their morals and beliefs challenged too. Tony, for example, has his own heavier story-lines in regard to his current state, where he’s currently at, how he responds and his parents etc. Let’s just say, once again, Marvel succeeds in intertwining story-lines that leave you asking yourself what just happened!

Every time you heat yet another Marvel movie is coming out you may or may not have very high hopes. Luckily for Captain America Civil War, the exciting, emotional and engaging film leaves you on the edge of your seat, continuing to evolve the Marvel universe in creative ways.