Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 (2016) Review

When you jump from a six-episode season to a fifteen-episode season, you can expect a lot more to go on e.g. through narrative, character development or a new setting. Fear the Walking Dead season two covered these ideas but tended to lose its way at various points throughout the season.

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead season two was a lot more engaging than the first. Perhaps it was the action, the location or the stakes; in my opinion it was just better. Of course, people can argue that the second half of a season is supposed to become more heightened over time for an explosive season finale. That I can certainly agree on. Saying this, you also have to consider that first impressions are usually important when keeping viewers around for the whole ride and whether Fear the Walking Dead succeeds at this its difficult to say.

Season one left off with the destruction of Los Angeles as our small group of survivors boarded the Abigail for life on the sea. They eventually reached Mexico and faced typical obstacles along the way. It wasn’t until the mid-season finale that the group was separated and scattered. In typical Walking Dead fashion, this allowed for separate episode arcs for the second half return. Originally I wasn’t sure whether this would work. Sometimes it’s better to get to the point or just recall what has already happened through a montage or character conversation. As I settled into the second half I released that I appreciated the change. Unlike the first half of the season which felt rather confining on the boat most of the time and with a small group of characters, the second half allowed variety and expansion.

Fear the Walking Dead is never going to be The Walking Dead and I respect that. As a fan of both shows, I appreciate the familiarity between the two but also love the contrasting styles or ‘vibes’ as I like to call it. Season two of Fear the Walking Dead may have been lacking a certain pizzazz in the first half, but took us on an exciting and emotional journey throughout the rest of the season. It look forward to what season three will have in store next.