“Glass Sword” by Victoria Aveyard (2016) Review

Sequels are usually the most anticipated of a series and sometimes the most dreaded. On one hand the world with its story and characters have been established in the first book, usually something has happened and we want to know more or we simply want to spend more time in this world. On the other, we question whether the story can continue to captivate us and draw us in.

Glass Sword is Victoria Aveyard’s second installment to her Red Queen trilogy, with the exception of additional short stories. Through the first person perspective of Mare Barrow, Mare has escaped the clutches of the Silver Court and Prince Maven. Now on the run with her unique lightening abilities, Mare must put the knowledge of others like her to affect and find them in hope of survival and aid.

The New York Times bestselling book Glass Sword continues to captivate with its intriguing story-line and rich characters. My love for the character of Mare and others such as Cal, Kilorn and Farley became even more dominant as the stakes heightened throughout the book. I also have to admit that Maven makes a brilliant ‘villain’ and even though he only featured in scattered moments throughout the book, his presence was always known.

Even though I enjoyed my time reading Glass Sword it needs to be mentioned that at times the story lacked character development. There were a few characters such as Mare’s family that I wished we’d spent more time with and in that family scenario. Saying this, when you have such a huge cast of characters, main, supporting or minor, it’s somewhat understandable in regard to the difficulty of working with so many characters. Plus, with the first person perspective being that of Mare’s, we know what Mare knows and we see what Mare sees. Books may allow more ‘moments’ in a narrative in comparison to say a television episode, but they are also confining too. There’s only so many pages in a book!

Glass Sword has set the stage for an epic finale in Aveyard’s third installment King’s Cage. If Red Queen and Glass Sword are anything to go by, I’m sure we’re in for a whirlwind of emotions and epic-ness (if that’s even a word!).

The third book is set for release February 7 2017.