Logan (2017) Review

It’s not very often the finale of a beloved character can be deemed the best in comparison to its predecessors. Or, for that matter, choosing the finale to take a risk and mature its franchise to a R rating. Of course, the director and/or writer knew such a risk could be possible thanks to the success of the 2016 film Deadpool, the first R rated film in the X-Men universe. Luckily for Logan, it was a risk worth taking and has received numerous praises by critics and viewers alike for being the best of the franchise.

If I had to describe Logan in three words it would be: raw, real and brutal.  Before I went to see Logan, I’d heard that it was both graphically violent and rather sad. Those two aspects didn’t necessarily push me to the cinema, but my devotion to the X-Men franchise and the character of Wolverine certainly did.

Fans knew from the get go that Logan would be the end of the road for Hugh Jackman, the man who reprised the role of Logan/Wolverine for over 17 years. It’s crazy to think about the arc of a character we were lucky enough to experience in cinema for such a long time and not have the actor change or character wheedled out altogether over the years.

In Logan, the year is 2029 and the mutants are all but gone thanks to circumstances (none that I’ll spoil here). Logan is now aging and his powers barely working. Professor X is there too, but his age has also caught up with him which, in turn, has caused and continues to cause catastrophic events. (Health issues for the elderly don’t bode well for the world’s most powerful mind.) In Logan, we are also introduced to Laura who is in need to safe passage, though with Laura there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Dafne Keen as Laura is a force to be reckoned with. It had been awhile since I’d watched a film and thought that the starring child was talented beyond their years. There was something about her presence on screen that would no doubt entrance its audience members. Oh, and she kicks ass.

Logan is not your typical superhero movie; it couldn’t be further from it. With gritty action and dystopian vibes, Jackman and Patrick Stewart gave their all in what is most likely Stewart’s last hurrah as Professor X too. The ending is tender and will most likely cut your heartstrings, but you also might feel moved by this bittersweet end.