The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3 Review

The third episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is here and it’s as emotional and exciting as ever. It’s difficult to find a game that packs a punch both emotionally and through the game’s action and combat.  This is probably the main reason I always come back to a Telltale game, even though it can still have its faults.

Note: This review may contain spoilers!

After a brief flashback at the start of episode three, we are thrown back into the present and outside the gates of the New Frontier where we’ve just discovered that Javier’s brother is still alive and with the New Frontier.

By now, I am fully invested in Javier as a playable character. He’s not just the new guy anymore and the new cluster of characters surrounding him aren’t just replacements. I feel as though this scenario seems like that of the television series Fear the Walking Dead. People were so critical of the show initially and I totally get that, but after some time we got to know the characters and formed an emotional connection with them. The same could be said with the introduction of the new characters in A New Frontier.

Despite this, I do wish we got to spend more time playing as Clementine. As the episodes go on, it appears they’re trying to subtly move Clementine away from the focus a little bit every episode. I just hope by the end they don’t get rid of her completely. For the most part, Clementine featured as a background character a part from one playable flashback in episode three. Even though I made a note at the start of this article that it would contain spoilers, I don’t want to spoil this flashback scene for players so won’t go into the details. All I can say is that I was devastated for Clementine and my hatred for the New Frontier continued to brew.

Unfortunately, this episode would have to have been the most ‘glitchy’ out of any of the Telltale Games I’ve played on either PC or PS4 over the years. (I’m playing The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on a PS4). I rarely come across glitches, which is probably surprising to some. In this episode, though, my game froze and crashed twice and only later did I realize that a scene that featured the reading of a map wasn’t supposed to be black and incredibly difficult to read. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always support Telltale Games because I love the stories they tell, but in moments like these, I do understand why other players may criticize the company.

As we all know, the first two episodes were released back to back in December. After playing the game, it’s clear that this was probably for narrative purposes and that they didn’t want to squish the first ‘chapter’ into one. Regarding this, episode three was released three months later and, in retrospect to Telltale history, is no surprise looking at their typical release schedule. Although this sort of release schedule has been going on for years, it still makes me wonder how Telltale can also have the time to take on more projects so I can’t help but get frustrated when I’m eager to continue the current game.

If you’re a fan of Telltale Games and are willing to accept and understand the blips that may come with some of their games, then most certainly pick up The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Episode three is setting us up for something big and I’m looking forward to where it’ll take us next.