The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 4 Review

Episode four of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: A New Frontier picks up the pace and takes its players on a whirlwind, setting the scene for what’s to come in the episode five series finale.

At the end of episode three, Javier and David were captured by Joan and the New Frontier. Clementine was also seeking information on the whereabouts of baby AJ. Episode four continues on from these story-lines and becomes the two driving forces of the narrative.

Unfortunately, Clementine’s arc was the side line story in episode four but this has become typical in A New Frontier. Episode four’s flashback for Clementine was a sweet callback but may have taken up time that could have been used to focus more on Clementine’s current motives and goals. I’m hoping though, that perhaps they’re saving it for episode five. Heck, they kind of have to now.

One thing I’ve noticed in particular of New Frontier is the theme of growing up and what it means to grow up in an apocalyptic world. The interesting approach seen though isn’t necessarily the things that change in an apocalyptic world e.g. children being forced to grow up to survive, but rather what things stay the same e.g. having a crush or puberty. New Frontier doesn’t shy away from this and it’s oddly refreshing to see these topics mentioned. It makes it more realistic and also doesn’t leave typical plot holes found in post apocalyptic stories.

The ending sequence was certainly one of the most intense moments of the entire episode and and left me jaw dropped. It was also fun that my reaction was based off my decision because it’s not always clear whether your decisions have as much of an impact as the game likes to imply. Saying this, I am aware that unfortunately by the next episode these decisions may or may not even make a difference.

Avid fans of The Walking Dead and Telltale Games will enjoy new content but may question the narrative and plot development.