3 Reasons Why The Time Travelling Show ‘Timeless’ Beat The Cancellation Odds

First it was cancelled and then it wasn’t. Timeless has made a name for itself recently for being one of the few shows that was cancelled but then renewed a few days later. Per cast and crew involved with the show, NBC listened to the fans when an uproar occurred online after the show’s cancellation. Whether it was the NBC executives, Garcia Flynn or Rittenhouse that changed Timeless’ fate we’ll never know, but what we can do is look at why Timeless has been well received by its audience in the first place. Here are some of the reasons I think Timeless beat the cancellation odds:

1.) An Unlikely Trio Takes The Reigns

Like all good dramas, Timeless bands together a group of unlikely heroes. In the case of Timeless, the heroes are Lucy the professor, Wyatt the soldier and Rufus the pilot. The three make up the time travelling trio that are forced to band together to chase Garcia Flynn, a man on the run who stole one of the time machines and is determined to fix the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are all likable and relatable characters. One of my favourite moments was in an earlier episode when Lucy tries and fails to climb through a window. Period costume aside, Lucy ends up falling and stumbling through the window whilst trying to help Wyatt escape. Her quirkiness and innocence when tackling a situation she’d never been in was lighthearted and realistic. I doubt any of us would be as graceful as we’d imagined if we were in a similar situation!

2.) Every Episode Is A History Lesson (In A Good Way!)

With time travel comes different time periods and with different time periods comes a fun exploration into an era. More specifically in Timeless, each episode revisits a significant milestone or event in history, giving you a mini history lesson in the process. There’s nothing better than learning without even realizing.

For myself, I was aware of the iconic people featured such as Bonnie and Clyde, JFK, Abraham Lincoln or Jesse James, but wasn’t necessarily familiar with the specifics or the details around their most iconic moments in history. It was cool to know that a drama was drawing from real material from the past rather than the typical futuristic narrative of a time travelling show. It’s crazy to see what happens when these moments that helped define the world be altered in Timeless.

3.) It Doesn’t Have Your Typical ‘Baddies’

Timeless’ big baddie for the season and probably the show in general would have to be Rittenhouse, a corporate company that spans over centuries and intertwines throughout the series in both the present and the past.

The other ‘baddie’ would have to be Garcia Flynn, the one causing a lot of the chaos throughout the series. Despite his motives and initial impressions, we soon discover there’s more to Flynn and he becomes one of the more complex characters on the show, if not the most. Flynn is played by Goran Višnjić best known for his roles of ER and Extant. I’ve always been a fan of Višnjić’s work and admired his emotional range when tackling the role of Flynn.

If fan response for Timeless is anything to go by, it’s no wonder NBC changed their minds. Audience response is a big deal and its pleasantly surprising to see the outcome of Timeless’ fate change. I for one will be tuning in for season two and eagerly await more visits into the past. Who knows, it might even be the future this time round!