Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review

It’s time to officially welcome 15 year old Peter Parker (more commonly known as Spider-Man) to the Avengers Initiative and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite his first appearance in Captain America Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, is Peter Parker’s chance to shine in his own story rather than be overshadowed by the other Avengers. Saying this, Iron Man aka Tony Stark does play a part in Homecoming and is a great surrogate father figure to compliment the ‘kid’ of the group.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker is a perfect match and even though the actor would have been about 20 when filming, his youthfulness is prominent and somewhat refreshing when playing the teenager. Holland captures the fun and innocent side of Parker whilst leaving room for the character to grow and mature over time.

The narrative may have been a tad predictable at times but never stopped my eyes from being glued to the screen. Romantic entanglements, especially teenage ones, are becoming more and more cliche and although I initially thought the romance to be predictable and unnecessary to the narrative, I was surprised by outcome at the end of the film.

Marvel and non-Marvel fans alike might find themselves pleasantly surprised at this new, unique and fresh take on the Spider-Man comic book character.