Escape the Night Season 2 Review – YouTube Red Original Series

If season one of the YouTube Red original series Escape the Night was anything to go by, I knew I was in for a great ride in season two. Presented by Joey Graceffa, Escape the Night brings together Joey and nine other popular YouTubers. Like season one, the YouTubers have been invited to a party by Joey and will be transported to another era. The catch, is that things aren’t what they seem and the guests soon find themselves surrounded by chaos, mystery and death in hopes of being able to escape the night.

There was something incredibly engaging and captivating about the episodic webseries that I couldn’t stay away from and found my eyes glued to the screen the entire time. Having season two set in the Victorian era surrounded by fantasy, adventure, mystery and drama kept me spellbound – but hopefully not under the spell of the evil sorceress who kept the guests busy they entire season!

Each episode followed a particular narrative structure where the group was given a task to acquire another gem for a crown which would help defeat the sorceress and allow them to leave. Despite this, every episode was unique and in an odd way channeled a different genre or setting, like stories within stories. The quality put into each episode was very high and the world building top notch. I don’t want to talk about money or budget, but it was obvious time and money went into the series, perhaps even more than the first series, and I did appreciate it as a viewer.

The costumes would have to be a stand out, not only for each individual YouTuber and their character’s persona, but also the supporting cast that came from the fictional world. I couldn’t help but feel as though such a series as Escape the Night would be a great test for an actor or actress and I commend the cast for the multiple ad-lib scenes.

If you’re looking for an excuse to try out YouTube Red, than let Escape the Night season two be that reason (just make sure you watch season one first!). With excitement and edge of your seat moments, Escape the Night is a fun addition to your watch list. I’m certainly ready for season three.


Check out the first episode for free below!