Wonder (2017) Review

Auggie is no ordinary kid, and that’s what makes him so special. Born with a facial deformity, Auggie has spent his entire life in and out of surgery, facing challenges any 10 year old would barely comprehend. Auggie’s latest challenge is going to public school for the very first time and facing the prying eyes of everyone around him.

Wonder is certainly one of those hidden gems nearing the end of 2017. Knowing exactly where to pull the heartstrings and inspire us, all ages can enjoy the film based off the New York Times Best selling book of the same.

The narrative manages to pull it’s story and structure into numerous parts that follow various characters and seamlessly intertwine them together. I never expected to find myself routing for so many characters within the limitations of a film under 2 hours.

You’re in for a treat when taking the time to watch Wonder. Films that explore the simplicity and realities of what makes us human are often overshadowed, but Wonder let’s us know that this genre is still going strong and is often to one to make the most impact on it’s audiences.