“Fireblood” by Elly Blake (2017) Review

In a world dominated by two opposing sides, the Frostbloods and the Firebloods, action is around every corner, especially if you’re Ruby, a Fireblood who has only known a world surrounded by frost.

At the end of the first novel Frostblood, Ruby had defeated the Frost King and melted the throne. The only problem, the Minax was released and with it, chaos in every direction.

Unlike Frostblood, Fireblood felt a lot more settled and relaxed. It’s not often you can feel that shift with subtle improvements to the structure, language or even the story in general. I enjoyed Frostblood but it can easily be pushed aside behind all those bigger more prominent books of the same genre. Fireblood on the other hand shines bright enough to be seen and I’m hoping a lot of readers come back to continue the story in the second novel despite these thoughts.

Bringing another love interest into the midst made me rather jealous. I mean, what are the odds you come across two potential lover interests? And at the same time? Very little I suppose, but why break the spell of the hopeless romantics? I certainly won’t.

Introducing Kai (the Fireblood love interest) was very lacklustre because it was obvious where his role would go – to form the other point of a love triangle. (Arcus the Frostblood King and other love interest was introduced in the first book). Kai’s role as a mentor to train Ruby for the trails felt overused especially for a YA novel and easy to skim over or read fast. Arcus seemed too conveniently placed throughout the novel too and I felt as though his character became more of a plot device for Ruby’s story than a memorable character.

Despite my critiques, I do care for these characters and this world. Author Elly Blake has established an exiting and rich world that will be brilliant to explore further in the third novel Nightblood.


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