Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) Review

The epic conclusion to the Maze Runner trilogy The Death Cure brings together everything we know and love to create an action packed and emotionally driven film fans and film-goers alike will enjoy.

Like most trilogies, The Death Cure leaves the biggest explosive and gun-firing moments to the last film. Straight off the bat, viewers are treated to a great opening chase scene letting us know that Thomas and his fellow ‘gladers’ mean business.

Director Wes Ball has taken the reigns for all three films which has in turn created consistency across all films. A Director’s creative vision is huge and it’s not very common for franchises to keep the same director across the entire franchise. I’m glad Ball was able to be there for the entire narrative arc.

Although many may continue to critique the book to film adaptation buzz, there is still an attraction for many, myself included and I’m grateful we were able to close the Maze Runner series unlike others that left us hanging e.g. Allegiant or The 5th Wave. Franchises might allow consistency (as mentioned earlier) but they also allow an incredibly interesting perspective to watch both the story and most importantly the characters grow and shift. Moments like these are an attraction to my storyteller’s mind and certainly present throughout the Maze Runner series.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure offers an exciting and rewarding end to the franchise, even if I wish some things didn’t happen (I won’t spoil anything!). Ball helped create a franchise with a dedicated cast and crew that will no doubt have it’s place on many film lovers’ shelves for years to come.