“Everless” by Sara Holland (2018) Review

Everless is newcomer Sara Holland’s debut novel. In this fantasy world, time can be taken and given. Blood is forged with iron to create coins of which people consume to give themselves more time. Hence, for obvious reasons, the rich last longer than the poor because the poor bleed their own time for basic necessities.

Everless was a novel I wanted to pick up every chance that I had, it’s writing style so easily making the words flow off the page. There weren’t many moments I wanted to be sped up or skipped because everything was there with a purpose.

Although I had these thoughts in the first half of the novel, my response started to shift, leaving me with contradictory thoughts. Moments of dialogue became the main source of information so it became frustrating reading through parts that felt repetitive e.g. the protagonists contemplative thoughts.

Saying this, I was fascinated by the ending and the story development. Whilst avoiding spoilers, I will simply put that it will certainly shift the story and character motivation. I eagerly wait to read more.

To compare, Everless embodied a world similar to Frostblood by Elly Blake. Initially, Frostblood was a slow, simmering fire, perhaps similar to Everless, but when we got to the second novel Fireblood, the spark had been lit and the fire was burning, something I hope will happen in the Everless sequel.

For debut novel, Holland did well. She established an exciting new world, characters to be curious about and that have the room to grow, whilst still maintaining that effortless fantasy vibe we all love.


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