Extinction – Netflix Original Film Review

Rewarding science fiction films are hard to come by, especially ones that manage to challenge the genre and work around science fiction tropes.

Although we were initially off to a rough start, Extinction soon changed the game and took viewers on action packed thrills.

Like most films of this genre, I had certain expectations I knew would be fulfilled and they were. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and today you have to expect some narrative ideas to repeat themselves.

Despite falling into the category which would have previously been known as ‘straight to DVD’, streaming sites have created a sort of in between hybrid so it’s rewarding to have access to film releases of this quality in the comfort of my home.

One thing that made Extinction stand out was it’s plot reveal. If the narrative didn’t go the way it did than Extinction wouldn’t have nearly been as interesting or emotionally complex than it was so I’m glad it went in the direction it did.