Victory Comes At A Price: “War Storm” by Victoria Aveyard Book Review

The final installment to the Red Queen series is here (*sad face*) but I couldn’t be more excited to experience the turbulent end to an incredible New York Times bestselling series.

War Storm (could there be a more appropriate name?) is the fourth book led by protagonist Mare Barrow. Although we read the story from multiple perspectives, there’s no denying that Mare is still front and centre and has the most important narrative perspective. Because of this, I often found myself wondering whether the multiple perspectives were necessary. Of course they provided insight into other settings, characters and relationships that would be otherwise missed, but it was also easy to ‘skim’ when the focus wasn’t on Mare as she told the main story.

War is coming, or shall I say war is here, in the fourth Red Queen story. Who will win? Who will die? Which romances will last? Which ones will crumble? These questions float around constantly whilst reading War Storm and for obvious reasons – it’s the last one!

In similar science fiction/dystopian fashion, the final book is driven by the ‘final battle’ or the war that’s been brewing for awhile is finally here. Despite this being the core focus of War Storm, relationships still intertwined there way throughout the novel and always reminded us the importance of forming emotional connections between its characters and readers.

Did War Storm need to be 657 pages long? The short answer: yes and no. Yes being that of course it needed to be this long. Final installments pack a punch and is most likely the last time the author will touch these characters and this world (*insert bawling face emoji*). If it’s not on the page now, it won’t ever be. The no being that it sometimes gets a bit too much, content wise. Pages filled with information can sometimes feel like endless pages or a distraction from the main plot line. In all, it really depends on your own personal preference.

Aveyard has sent her readers on an epic journey for four books and I can’t thank her enough for taking us readers on that journey with her.