It’s Time To Take Out Some Supernatural Creatures: Strange Brigade Game Review

Embrace your inner Indiana Jones or Rick O’Connell and get ready to vanquish the supernatural creatures of the 1930s.

Playable with up to four players, you are a part of the Strange Brigade. It is your responsibility to take out a powerful Egyptian Queen and make sure she goes back to the grave.

Lush environments take you on a journey that will ultimately lead you to the final boss, Seteki the Egyptian Witch Queen. Although this journey may seem to follow the typical hero’s journey, you can’t forget that you are the hero, sent by her majesty the Queen, and this responsibility is somewhat legendary to say the least.

The 1930s backdrop grants gamers variety in a cluster of futuristic or apocalyptic games. Players don’t need to be put off by the older time period and can be reminded that characters can kick-ass in any era.

I played Strange Brigade with a friend so it was the two of us against it all. It was a bit odd that the original team of four didn’t alter or add in the other two characters as computer players. It would be a shame to play the game solo and not have computer players supporting you if you were on your own.

Another character I should mention would be the Narrator. The Narrator is certainly a character worthy of mention and the game wouldn’t have the same quirks without him. One thing to mention though, is that the Narrator might not be everyone’s cup of tea as he constantly intertwines throughout the game with witty and sarcastic humour. Perhaps there could have been an option to mute the Narrator.

Game-play resembled your typical action adventure, point and shoot but that didn’t make it any less entertaining. Weapons can be customized and each character can have a special ability. You can also earn coins to purchase heavy weapons in game and upgrade in the menu.

Strange Brigade is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam and offers a vibrant world to take on solo or with friends. Though sometimes lacking in game-play, an entertaining adventure always awaits any player.