The Steampunk Beasts Are Ready To Roll – Mortal Engines Review

Mortal Engines is a visual feast that spectacularly displays world-building it’s author Philip Reeve would be proud of.

Check out the trailer to get a glimpse at Mortal Engines:

The film’s two protagonists are Hester Shaw and Tom Natsworthy. Although I haven’t read the books (but now I definitely want to!), I absentmindedly watched the film with the hope of getting to see these characters again on screen. Hera Hilmar and Robert Sheehan barely scratched the surface with Hester and Tom and I’m itching to see more of them.

The narrative may have been a tad predictable at times in terms of relationship building or character decisions but that didn’t stop me from keeping my eyes glued to the screen at every moment.

Mortal Engines was very action driven and I LOVED that. The fast pace kept me on the edge of my seat (can we talk about that opening sequence?!) and was complimented by amazing sets, costumes and props. When they flew by on the screen, I only wish I had the chance to visit the set and explore it myself close up.

Like most big budget films, there’s always going to be negatives and positives. Mortal Engines is a lot of fun and creates an amazing world worth jumping into, even though movie-lovers might be unimpressed by the script at certain parts.