Seek the Truth, Choose Your Future: “Evolution” by Teri Terry Book Review

Challenging genetics and attempting to change the human race finally comes to a close in Teri Terry’s sci-fi trilogy ‘Dark Matter’.

Bringing stories to a close is no easy feat. Whether left feeling rushed or perhaps not accomplished at all, endings (especially for a series) can be dreaded by both the author and reader, despite often bringing the story to a spectacular or heartwarming end.

The end to Dark Matter: Evolution left me satisfied but not necessarily for the right reasons. Sure, things panned out the way I thought they would but that was just it, it was too predictable and too easy.

Most of the time, an overall narrative arc not only for the singular novel but the entire series is present e.g. a conflict needing to be resolved, a war needing to end, a person needing to receive their comeuppance etc. In the ‘Dark Matter’ series, the epidemic was the narrative focus, shaping the characters, relationships, settings and narrative arc. Without the epidemic there would be no story. Because of this, the epidemic would need to be fixed or at least those who started it bought to justice. As I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, I won’t go into whether this happens though and will leave you to read the book yourself.

British settings aren’t used as often as America or a similar fictional version in this particular genre (the world turns into chaos in America primarily apparently). It was refreshing to continue this story in Britain, somewhere I’d love to visit one day, minus the epidemic of course!

In my frustrated book slump I decided to grab the audio book to listen to as well and help me get into the zone again. I loved hearing the various voices, reminding me constantly where the book was set and the vast array of characters scattered throughout the book.

Talking of characters, Evolution was filled to the brim of various characters taking the narrative reigns throughout the novel. I had a love/hate relationship with this because multiple perspectives will always grant readers access to more information but it also allows the book to wander and sometimes waste time on another characters you wish would pass the reigns back.

Teri Terry created a fascinating apocalyptic world that I’m glad and grateful I was introduced to. I will genuinely miss its protagonists Shay, Callie and Kai and keep up hope that maybe one day we’ll be reunited with them once more.


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