Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Season 1: Who Wouldn’t Want To Be a Part of the Family?

Sign me up for the Umbrella Academy, please.

I’ve recently decided that if I know all of the characters’ names, that means I love the show. This way of measuring has worked for me time and time again. Who the heck are all these people = why am I even watching this show? I know half of who these people are = there’s enough of a spark to keep me going. I know every character name and won’t shut up about the show = I love this show so much, can I join the family?

The Umbrella Academy hit it off for me immediately. The quirky, sci-fi, out of the ordinary world and family dynamic left me grateful the show is a Netflix original and worthy of a binge watch.

The cast of actors made the show what it is and fell into their characters with such ease. As mention earlier, I got to know all the characters and adore them in their own way. I also didn’t expect to laugh this much (though who wouldn’t love the comedic timing and witty one liners of Klaus and Five?).

If this doesn’t have you convinced, then the cinematography or soundtrack might do it for you. As a cinephile and someone who has studied film and television at a university level, you have no idea how much I appreciate a television show or film that has the full package. The Umbrella Academy certainly has this star factor and I couldn’t recommend it more.