The Ultimate Origin Story: The Passage Season One

Phew, what a journey The Passage season one has taken us on. After that ending, could they really not give us a season two?!

Season one heavily focused on the origin of the virus, the virals and characters. We got to know the band of characters in a way most survival, sci-fi/thrillers skip over and also at a comfortable pace. There was the odd moment that could maybe have been cut down to keep the pace going but after the 97 year time jump, the decision to keep things steady made sense. It also gave us time to reflect on what was being lost and the circumstances behind the decisions the characters made.

I don’t often experience an ‘omg’ moment like the 97 year time jump (recent comparisons would perhaps be The 100 season five finale). It left me not only desperate to know the status of the characters but also curious to explore the new rebooted world.

The vast range of characters and their backstories kept the show interesting and complex. There’s nothing worse than cookie cutter characters that have no relatable bone in their bodies. The approach to the virals and the exploration into their humanity was a refreshing narrative approach. I only wonder how the virals have or haven’t changed over the last 97 years!