Nightflyers: Flying Off Into The Not So Interesting Part Of Space

Hyping up something based off previous success is something I try to avoid but always fall into the mindset. Nightflyers had been talked about and hyped up massively due to the face that it originates from George R.R Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones. After the success of Game of Thrones surely Nightflyers would be a hit right? Wrong.

Being a fan of sci-fi and space fiction, I was hyped despite whether it had the connection to George R.R Martin or not. The concept may not have been 100% new (what really is these days?) but the gritty, horror vibes seen in the trailer attracted my attention. Unfortunately, I was soon disappointed.

From the get go I just couldn’t get hooked or attached to Nightflyers or it’s characters. Somehow remaining for the entire ten episode series, it soon became a ‘background’ show that you could easily watch whilst doing other tasks. Nevertheless, I was determined to watch it until the end.

Television shows can (most of the time) take a bit of time to get going and sole judgement on a few episodes can lead to a narrow, tunneled opinion. By the end of the season I still wasn’t sure half the characters’ names and understood why the show ranked low not only for me but others online. I can only think that after being put on a pedestal so high, it’s long fall down didn’t end gracefully.