Wake Up, It’s Time to Save the World: The Outer Worlds Review

From developers Obsidian Entertainment comes a futuristic RPG set in a vibrant world worth visiting, or shall I say worlds – this is a story set in space after all.

Varying an average completion time of 20-30 hours, you are a character woken from a deep and icy cryogenic sleep. Things aren’t as peachy as you thought they’d be when you woke up though and you’re soon tasked with bringing an end to the corruption and solving the mystery of your fellow cryogenic citizens.

Before you think you’ve heard this ‘chosen one’ story-line before (trust me, I have to), The Outer Worlds cleverly has it’s own take on the storytelling trope, allowing the player to almost forget that they’re the ‘chosen one’ but rather someone who’s simply in a position to get the job done.

The band of brothers, or shall we say companions, is made up of six characters that join you on your newly acquired spaceship the ‘Unreliable’. Some characters are easy to take to instantly, whilst others became more likable as we got to know them. Their integrated roles in your RPG world didn’t feel as paramount in the overall story but simply became someone to help fight alongside you.


Combat and leveling in The Outer Worlds featured an incredibly detailed character leveling system where you could truly create a unique personality and combat style for your game. Leveling for the companions was a lot more simplified, but things would easily have become too much if the player had to do the same intricate character leveling for everyone.

Most likely inspired by Fallout’s VAT system and granting players the ability to pause time and focus their shots was fun, but lacked some of the fine tuning I found in the Fallout games. This wasn’t a huge deal though and I soon diminished these comparisons.

The Outer Worlds is certainly an aesthetically pleasing game, providing new surprises in world design and gorgeous landscapes at every turn. It wasn’t hard to feel like a lot of thought had gone into the game, trying to answer player questions before they’d been asked and provide a seamless gaming experience. It ran smoothly on my PC with no hiccups throughout the game and I think those common AI moves of blocking the doorway need to be ruled out as game-play issues because I’m sure it’s become somewhat of a norm to shout at our companions to get out of the doorway whilst we play our video games.

The RPG gamer will love spending time in this rich, space sci-fi world, paving their way and telling a story they’ll no doubt enjoy for however long they’d like to play it.

  • Gameplay 4/5
  • Graphics 3.5/5
  • Audio 4/5
  • Replayability 3/5
  • Overall 4/5