Time to Turn to Magic: Desert Prayer Short Film Review

There’s something so genuine and powerful about a short film. That aesthetically beautiful essence where you can tell how much time and passion has gone into the project. Desert Prayer oozed these qualities perfectly, making me wish I could sit down with the creators and pull a part both the behind the scenes of making it and the story itself.

Starring actress and Twitch streamer Amelia Rose Blaire as Cora, Desert Prayer tells the story of a woman’s struggle to rid her Mother of her male counterpart who has manipulated her into selling their beloved family bookstore. The catch? She turns to magic to free her Mother.

Amelia is one of those gems I’ve been following online now for awhile alongside her husband actor Bryan Dechart. The two have become most well known for their work in the video game Detroit Become Human and began the official ‘Connor Army’ and ‘Dechart Games’ family last year.

Complimented by the gorgeous Joshua Tree landscape, Amelia’s performance as Cora was both captivating and curious, making me want to see the aftermath of Cora’s decisions and what it would mean for herself and her relationship with her Mother. I also loved the Joshua Tree location and have always thought it would be amazing to visit such an isolating and barren environment, especially when telling a story.

Film lovers will enjoy the breath of fresh air found in Desert Prayer, longing for more minutes to explore a fascinating story and character.


You can watch Desert Prayer down below!