The Journey’s End For a Tale of Two Brothers: Life is Strange 2 Review

Phew, what a journey!

With the incredibly successful first game to live up to, Life is Strange 2 managed to create an emotionally driven and powerful game that explored heavy themes. At the end of the day, it told us a story of two brothers and how devastating circumstances lead to an out of this world experience.

It’s not easy to tell gamers that the they will not be returning to the characters of the first game. It’s even harder to make the new characters live up to them. Thanks to great writing and an incredible team, Life is Strange 2 can easily say that it lives up to the expectations of the first game. I can also happily admit that no hesitance will occur on my behalf in the future.

The two main characters Sean and Daniel were instant favourites of mine and it blew my mind how easy it was to feel as though I was on the journey with them, feel what they felt and ultimately join the family.


The first episode of Life is Strange 2 came out back in September 2018 and the final one out now, so that’s more than 14 months for a five episode series. That’s a huge amount of time for an average of 2-3 hours per episode, making the entire game about 10-15 hours long. Luckily for those making it, they made a world worth sticking with and could count on players to revisit the game over the months.

By the fifth and final episode, I thought I’d faced the hardest decisions and the most tear-jerking moments but boy was I wrong. When the final decision on how to end their story occurred, I did the thing one shouldn’t do in the moment, which was put the game on pause, and contemplate the difficult decision. I knew in my mind that this was a fictional video game and that I could easily replay or watch a YouTube video to see the variations but in that moment, I was Sean and deciding on the future of Daniel was hard and weighed on my shoulders. To so easily put myself in his shoes and feel that connection and dedication to these characters and world comes down to beautiful writing and voice acting. I’m just sad their story must be over.

Go and play this video game. You won’t regret it.

  • Gameplay 3.5/5
  • Graphics 4/5
  • Audio 5/5
  • Replayability 5/5
  • Overall 4.5/5