5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Watching Retro Replay

Back in 2018, Retro Replay was born and since then has amassed over 200k subscribers on YouTube. The series follows actors Nolan North and Troy Baker as they sit down and play retro video games (or more recently video games they’ve starred in). Though this may sound familiar to some, Retro Replay has its own unique spin on the world of ‘watching other people play video games’ and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Here’s 5 reasons why you need to be watching Retro Replay!

1) All the pop culture references you will learn

The amount of pop culture knowledge Troy, Nolan and Drew possess blows my mind. One of the first things I took out of the first season of Retro Replay (or Level 1 as they like to call it) was an abundance of new popular culture knowledge. I knew a bit of it but most of it, I did not. (Special shout out to Troy for introducing me to the best Christmas movie out there: DIE HARD). You’ll get a lot out of one episode, let alone a whole season. Troy, Nolan and Drew know a lot of stuff and as a lover of entertainment and pop culture situated in little old New Zealand, this platform allows this knowledge to be shared across the world and there’s something really cool about that.


2) The industry knowledge and general life advice

Although the ‘Uncle Noly Knows’ pop up occurs often throughout the episodes as a sort of joke, there is a lot of genuine advice in each episode too (though not to say Uncle Noly’s advice isn’t helpful 😄). Nolan and Troy are industry veterans at this point and both have the skills and experience to share valuable advice about their jobs and everyday life, allowing us a more personal glimpse into a world only reserved for a few.


3) The behind the scenes talent of Drew

As soon as you’ve worked on a creative group project whether that be amateur or professional, you gain an appreciation for the behind the scenes talent of those people. I’ve grown up watching behind the scenes features on my favourite films because I had (and still have) a fascination and appreciation for the entirety of a group project. Moving back to Retro Replay, Drew is that hidden gem we hear from but don’t see as Troy and Nolan lead the show. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to create a show like Retro Replay and I love how it is shot, edited and presents itself.


4) A welcoming community

The online world can be a vicious one and it’s like a great big hug when you find a community that sets itself apart from that. Retro Replay creates an environment where the gamers can feel welcome and no judgement is made for being just the way you are.


5) Bringing light to forgotten video games

There’s no channel out their bringing attention to the history of video games quite like Retro Replay is. Presenting itself in a fun way, makes viewers of all ages be engaged and taken on a journey with Troy and Nolan. Plus, maybe only a small percentage of viewers even got the chance to play these video games when they originally came out so it’s great being introduced to new content.

Check out Retro Replay or watch one of their latest videos below!