The Two Streamers I’d Take the Video Game Journey with Any Day: Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire from Dechart Games

Video games take us on a journey unlike any other. It’s no wonder we want to share that journey with other people.

Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire, aka Dechart Games, are two Twitch streamers I’d share the video game journey with any day. The two actors stream multiple times per week and love to interact with their community, making their audience of over 315k followers on Twitch a fun and welcoming place to be in.

As someone who craves authenticity, Bryan and Amelia are the kind of genuine online presences that are very rare. They’re the one’s I’ve told my family tirelessly that I would love to meet and talk all things creative and life itself. I think we can all agree that in this often tiresome online world, we long for relatability and see through the ‘fakeness’ that unfortunately takes up 90 percent of it.

Although I’ve been writing articles in my spare time for yonks now, ‘adulting’ tends to force me to be selective with what I write about these days. Plus as I reach the quarter life of 25 in a few days, I have this need to share and communicate what I’m passionate about right now, Dechart Games being one of those things.

And so, here are 5 reasons why you need to be watching Dechart Games because why on earth aren’t you already?!

1) Personalities

What makes Bryan and Amelia stand out from the crowd are their humble and passionate personalities. Despite working in the television, film and video game industry for years, these two show no signs of loosing their down-to-earth attitudes and lust for life. If you’re ever down, go and watch these two. If you’re ever in a good mood, go and watch these two. If you’ve recently started Wasgij puzzles again such as myself and are looking for something to watch while you do it, watch these two.

2) Community

When you jump into the Dechart Games community, it immediately feels like a warm hug. Even if you don’t participate in the chat, you can’t help but feel welcome. The ultimate no judgement zone, everyone from all walks of life can be free to express themselves and share a love for video games and more.


3) Learning

Dechart Games has played some incredible games so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Prominently story-driven games, we instantly feel like we’re on the journey with Bryan and Amelia as they express their surprise as something is revealed or sadness when something happens to a beloved character. As well as this, they also have various segments such as ‘Curiosity Chill’ where they set up a topic of the day to study and learn with us.

4) Stories

Perks of being in the video game industry allow for some amazing guests and more specifically in relation to the video game they are currently playing at the time. Situated in their home, the stream always feels casual and fun as they share amazing behind the scenes stories.

5) Cats

Only an animal or cat lover will understand the joy and love those little creatures can share. The first star of Dechart Games was Igby who started the ‘Igby Cam’ and paved the way for his successor Theo who currently steals the attention of everyone watching.

Check out Dechart Games on Twitch, follow Bryan and Amelia on Twitter or watch one of their previous videos below!